Capital Manager: Federal Reserve’s Target is Bad – Unstable Markets

According to the following article, if you want to adjust your investment portfolio in the era of hyperinflation, you can refer to the following suggestions: – Avoid investing in long-term bond funds and time deposits. These investment vehicles are sensitive to rising interest rates and can lead to losses. You can choose liquid and short-term […]

US Default: Fed and Banks at Risk

According to the following article, we can draw the following points: 1. the U.S. government’s debt ceiling issue could lead to a massive sell-off in global financial markets and trigger panic. 2. If the U.S. Treasury defaults, the Federal Reserve will face the challenge of dealing with the details of monetary policy, which may disrupt […]

Fed’s View on Recession and Best Time to Observe

Explore the Federal Reserve’s perspective on the impending recession and learn about their recommended timing for observing its effects. Gain valuable insights into the economic indicators and factors influencing their outlook

It is probable that the Fed rate will be reduced in July despite hawkish stances.

Despite recent hawkish stances, there is a possibility that the Federal Reserve may choose to reduce the Fed rate in July. This potential rate reduction reflects a potential shift in monetary policy, likely influenced by the economic outlook and market conditions. While the decision remains uncertain, market speculation and analysis suggest that a rate reduction may be on the horizon, indicating the Federal Reserve’s willingness to support economic growth and manage potential risks.