Biden confident on debt deal, Dollar rises.

President Biden expresses optimism regarding a potential debt deal, leading to a positive impact on the value of the dollar. This development comes amidst ongoing financial negotiations and highlights the importance of fiscal policy in maintaining economic stability and managing government debt. The strengthened dollar signifies investor confidence and can have far-reaching effects on the currency market and the overall health of the US economy.

Yellen: A looming U.S. debt limit crisis could destabilize financial markets.

Janet Yellen warns that an impending U.S. debt limit crisis has the potential to destabilize financial markets. As the former Treasury Secretary and current U.S. Treasury Secretary, Yellen highlights the risk posed by such a crisis and emphasizes the importance of addressing the debt limit to maintain economic stability. The uncertainty surrounding the debt limit can lead to increased market volatility, erode investor confidence, and have far-reaching implications for the economy, including potential disruptions in Treasury bonds and overall financial market performance.