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The Apprentice

The Intermediary

The Avant-grade

The Master


Lesson 1

Unleashing The Mystery of Forex

In this lesson, you will learn to understand more details on how does Global Financial Market works and how can take advantage of it.

  • What is Forex
  • Forex Trading

Lesson 2

Trader’s No 1 choice in the 21st  century

In this lesson, you will be able to find out which investment suits you the most by comparing all the available investment financial instruments.

  • Forex VS Stocks VS Property (Liquidity)
  • Barries
  • Leverage
  • Liquidity
  • Profit During Market Fall
  • Price Control
  • Types of Account (Micro, Mini, Macro)
  • Best Trading Time For Traders

Lesson 3

Creating Fortune with Forex

In this lesson, you will learn how to fully utilize your capital by using leverage and setting to profit from the FOREX market.

  • Bid/Ask
  • Lot
  • Pip
  • Profiting
  • Swap
  • Forex Quote
  • Long/Short
  • Bear/Bull
  • Majors/Minors
  • Order Types
  • Margin
  • Real-Life Implications/Scenarios

Lesson 4

Japanese Candlesticks

In this lesson, you will have a better understanding of price action and market volume in order to acquire the right knowledge of buying power and selling power.

  • Candlesticks Formation
  • Basic Candlesticks Patterns
  • Doji
  • Shooting Stars
  • Hammer
  • Engulfing Pattern
  • Morning Star
  • Evening Star
  • Three Black Crows
  • Harami
  • Hanging Man
  • Three White Soldiers


Lesson 5

Basics of Technical Analysis

In this lesson, you will acquire the skill set of systematic and simplifies chart reading to perform own trading analysis. You will equip skills by understanding the power of indicators in analyzing every chart.

  • Support/Resistance
  • How to Trade S&R
  • Basic Technical Analysis
  • Leading Indicators
  • Lagging Indicators
  • Moving Average
  • Bolinger Band
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Stochastic Oscillator

    Lesson 6

    Technical Analysis Supportive Tools

    In this lesson, you will learn a few of the indicators that are commonly used in trading. It will help you to identify better entries when you are doing technical analysis.

    • Parabolic SAR
    • MACD
    • Average Directional Movement Index
    • Money Flow Index
    • Heiken Ashi
    • Types of Divergence of Indicators

      Lesson 7

      Types of Chart Patterns

      In this lesson, you will learn about that chart pattern is one of the most effective analysis methods that can make most of the profit from the market movement.

      • Basic Chart Patterns
      • Double Tops Patterns
      • Double Bottoms Patterns
      • Head and Shoulder
      • Continuation Patterns
      • Triangle Pattern
      • Symmetrical Pattern
      • Ascending Pattern
      • Descending Triangle
      • Flag


        Lesson 8

        Mastering Trading Skills with Complex Indicators

        In this lesson, you will learn all it needs to master technical analysis, you can analyze and predict 70% of the market movement and find it is applicable in stocks, index, FOREX and commodities.

        • Advance Technical Analysis
        • Fibonacci Retracement
        • Applying Fibonacci
        • Elliot Wave
        • Consideration Towards Elliot Wave
        • Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
        • Consideration on Ichimoku
        • Other Advance Key Indicators

        Lesson 9

        Basics of Fundamental Analysis

        In this lesson, you will get to identify how important is fundamental analysis as world news are very impactful to the global currency market.

        • Fundamental Analysis
        • FOMC statement
        • Power of FOMC
        • Gross Domestic Product
        • Consumer Price Index
        • Bank Rates
        • Unemployment Rate

        Lesson 10

        How to Trade with Fundamental Analysis

        In this lesson, you will learn how global news can affect the market.

        • Federal Open Market Committee
        • Cautious Market
        • Hawkish Market
        • Dovish Market
        • Gross Domestic Product 2
        • Consumer Price Index 2
        • Bank Rates

        Lesson 11

        Sentimental Analysis

        In this lesson, you will how social media affects current market movement and make use of it in benefiting your trading analysis.

        • Facebook
        • Twitter
        • Human Factor
        • Natural Disaster

        THE MASTER

        Lesson 12

        Mindset to Succeed in Forex Trading

        In this lesson, you will scrutinize the importance of how our mindset can affect our trading performance.

        • Importance of Mindset in Trading
        • Trade with Your Eyes
        • What is Mindset Belief
        • Good Trade Don’t Always Make Money
        • Limiting Beliefs
        • 4 Major Trading Fears
        • Empowering Beliefs
        • Forex VS Gambling
        • Mindset Rules
        • Disciplined Traders
        • Never Aim for Big Profit
        • Benefits for Following the Rules

        Lesson 13

        Mastering Risk & Money Management

        In this lesson, you will study the most crucial part in trading by apprehending risk, reward and margin.

        • What is Money Management
        • What is Risk Management
        • Rules in Trading
        • Tools in Trading
        • Keep a Cash Buffer
        • Stop-Loss Orders
        • Trailing Stop Loss Orders
        • Position Sizing
        • Margin
        • Margin Call

        Lesson 14

        Goal Setting & Realization

        In this lesson, you will learn to set trading goals by applying the right trading concepts and strategies.

        • Goal Setting
        • Smart Goals
        • Golden Rules
        • Writing and Action Plan Goals
        • Motivation Rules
        • Forex Success Story – Joe Lewis

        Lesson 15

        Everything About Trading Journal

        In this lesson, you will learn to record all your important trading records for future reference. The market trend tends to repeat in a pattern of history.

        Lesson 16

        Useful Skills in Trading

        In this lesson, you will study & analyze your own trading methods, performance, history and even mistakes to further improve your trading skills.

        • Trading Plan
        • Trading Style of Yours
        • Scalping
        • Day Trading
        • Swing Trading
        • Position Trading

          Lesson 17

          Platform Knowledge

          In this lesson, you will be able to master skills in fully utilizing the trading platform

          • How to Operate the MT5 platform
          • Charts Setting
          • Plug-in Objects
          • Lines, Shapes, Arrows
          • Gann Setting in Chart
          • Channel
          • Strategy Tester for EA
          • How to View Terminal, Data Window, and Navigator
          • MT5 community

            Lesson 18

            Personalized Trading System

            In this lesson, you will learn how to customize an individual trading system based on personal desired style and characteristics.

            • Defining traders types
            • Indicators that help to identify trend
            • Indicators that help confirming trend
            • Risk Defining
            • Entry and Exit
            • Making It Happen As A WHOLE


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