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Merging investment education and the latest technology to reduce fraud in the financial industry, help society realise their potential beyond education and empower a generation to learn, to work and to achieve financial freedom.


We understand that our clients are unique and have different financial goals and plans. Intracore uses the combined strength of our renowned financial sector insight, global network of experts and global partnerships to build the education capabilities of our clients and equip them with sound financial knowledge that meets their needs for financial control, stability and simplicity.

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Our Strengths

At a time when political, economic, social and technological developments are shaping our futures at an unprecedented pace, Intracore must prepare for and address significant challenges in order to continue supporting our society to build successful futures.


These characteristics have driven our success. We harness that success and the future results you desire into our carefully designed education process to further advance your financial success.

Globally accredited

The implementation of first universities and public-accreditation status provides a higher degree of recognition along with our diversified expertise, industry experience and extensive exposure.

We are inquisitive

The most important aspect of investment management is posing the probing, in-depth questions and listening intently to the responses of our investment partners, vendors, and to you, our clients.

Our business segment


Innovative, high impact and high energy financial education.

Intracore Academy builds financial capability at key transitional moments, addressing mindsets, attitudes and behaviours to help our society form an understanding of the wider world of money and the prevention of financial fraud in Malaysia. Our academy is all about having a plan, a strong will and discipline. Our goal is to educate you on your path to profitable trading.


Pioneering Future Trading Software, Infrastructure and Solutions

Successful and profitable trading is not only about trading skills and education. Professional traders also need the right trading equipment, software and setup for successfully trading and analyzing the financial markets. We help you find the right online broker, professional trading equipment and reliable trading software for your personal trading strategy.

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day.

Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.”

– Mainonides 


“Previously, I did not involve in any trading investment because I’m afraid of losing money. Now, I am able to analyse chart and also make a good decision when to enter or exit a Trade.”

Samantha Lo

International Aesthetic Trainer, 30 years old

“From the training, I’m able to grow my wealth by learning technical and fundamental analysis. I’m confident to get back what I’ve losses before in stock market.”

Miss Wong

University Architecture Professor , 34 years old

“I’ve learnt a lot of things from basic to professional. You have a lot of indicators to learn and with other people sharing their experience. I will learn more about the investment.”

Sharon Wong

Executive Accountant, 24 years old

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